1, Ahilya Bai Marg Cantt. Sadar, Jabalpur (M.P.)




Total Area of the School – 20963 sq mtr

Build up area of the school – 15459 sq mtr

Building Blocks of the School – 03


Audio Visual Learning through Digital Board

In our school we are following a highly advanced process of teaching so that learning becomes interesting and efficient. Every classroom is equipped with smart digital boards providing audio visual aids to the students. This not only increases the interest in studies but also makes things easier for them to understand minutely. We have also introduced NLP app through which the recordings of the classes can be seen by the parents and students anytime of the year. This also gives an opportunity to the parents to access the performance of the ward anytime.


Safe Drinking Water

We are not only concerned about the academics of our children but also their health. In our school we have water purifiers which cater to the need of cold drinking water to the students..


Computer Lab

We have a well-equipped, updated computer lab for children that can enhance their knowledge in IT sector.



Our school has an excellent and well setup library . It consists of a large hall with shelves, bookstands and furniture. It has 14355 Books. It widens the students’ minds, improves their knowledge, clears their concepts and inculcates the habit of reading.


We have Physics Lab, Chemistry Lab, Biology Lab, Computer Lab, Mathematics Lab and Composite Science Lab.

Medical Room with First-Aid and Sick Bed

Our school has a comfortable medical room for the students where first aid is given and Sick bed facility is also provided for the students who require immediate medical attention.


Fire Extinguisher & CCTV Surveillance

As safety and security of the students is the utmost priority of our school, we have sufficient number of Fire Extinguishers on each floor, staircase, and in the laboratories to be prepared for any uncertain accidental fire breakout. The entire school compound and classrooms are under CCTV surveillance.



Sports help in building character and instilling leadership quality along with enhancement of academic growth. It is very much necessary to develop an interest in sports as well. We have our own playground adjoining to the main compound where our students practice various sports like basketball, badminton, long jump and volleyball.


Open Cultural Stage

We believe without co-scholastic nourishment education remains incomplete. Hence we give equal importance to various co-scholastic activities. On the wide center stage, various activities are performed and students learn their cultural ethos on this platform.


Health and hygiene work hand in hand. Our school has enough number of washrooms to suit the ratio of students on every floor with adequate supply of water. The maintenance of cleanliness is taken care of thoroughly.